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Please remember this directory is for information only; our suggested practice is one of buyer beware.

  • Adam Farm
    Beef, chicken, eggs
    Contact: Adam Blaine
    RR 2A, Canora, SK
    50 KM
  • Agrarian Garden
    (We do not use pesticides or herbicides)
    In season heirloom garden vegetables as well as dry beans, potatoes, ancient grain seed and more. Farm Visitors Welcome!
    Contact: Warren Crossman
    (306) 782-3249
    Yorkton, SK
    15 KM
  • Allan and Nadine Bowes
    U-Pick Saskatoon berries
    Contact: Allan or Nadine
    (306) 597-4522
    Togo, SK
    70 KM
  • Allen Katona
    Organic producer of lamb, range run pork, honey (borage, saffron, & clover), and beef.
    Contact: Allen
    (306) 224-4766
    Kipling, SK
    164 KM
  • Cady Acres
    U-Pick: Saskatoon berries, cherries, haskap berry, chokecherries
    Contact: Joe and Irene Cymbalisty
    (306) 542-4465
    Email: Kamsack, SK
  • Calico Creek Goats
    Producers of boer goats and commercial/cross-bred goats.
    Contact: Landon Spokowski
    (306) 782-7228
    Yorkton, SK
    20 KM
  • Chautauqua Gardens
    U-Pick strawberries
    Contact: Deb Manzuik
    (306) 542-2866
    Veregin, SK
    85 KM
  • Clair Side Bison Inc. Bison
    Contact: Jason & Heidi Evans
    (306) 383-4094
    Clair, SK
    161 KM
  • Cool Spring Ranch "Real grass-fed foods"
    We offer free-range chicken and turkey, pasture-raised pork, grass-fed beef, Everyone is welcome to visit the farm Contact: Sam and Janeen Covlin Lyle and Grace Olson
    (306) 547-4252
    Endeavour, SK
    122 KM
  • Cornucopia
    Strawberries, raspberries, rhubarb, garden vegetables
    Contact: Heather Hack
    (306) 645-2092
    Rocanville, SK
    128 KM
  • Cotton's Strawberries
    U-Pick strawberries. Please call ahead and pre-book your times, kids are welcome.
    Contact: Brian
    Box 47, Kinville, MB
    164 KM
  • Country Breeze Farms
    U-Pick berry farm; saskatoon and Raspberries. Also offering jams, desert toppings, saskatoon cinnamon buns and saskatoon scones.
    Contact: Diana Durling
    (306) 771-2890
    Balgonie, SK
    163 KM
  • Country Garden Plants and Produce
    Organic and natural foods. Baked goods, grains, variety of grain breads, tomatoes and market vegetables when in season.
    Contact: Charles or Donna Dyck
    Saltcoats, SK
    31 KM
  • Coyote Ridge Certified organic grass fed WelshBlack beef Contact: Al Boyko
    (306) 563-5341
    Canora, SK
    49 KM
  • Danny & Sandy Turta
    Specialize in table potatoes, will deliver orders to town.
    Contact: Danny or Sandy
    (306) 594-2777
    Norquay, SK
    88 KM
  • Deja-Vu Century Farm
    Certified organic farm that is home to rare and heritage animals and poultry. We sell chickens, eggs, turkeys and pork. We butcher on the farm so any sales are farm gate only, which requires people pick up the product at the farm. Sell (in season) organically certified vegetables and raspberries. Pro Cert inspectors notes our livestock is raised organically but not certified at this time. Farm tours are available for small or large groups for a fee of $10.00/vehicle ($20 if you arrive in a bus)! You can find us at the Yorkton Farmers' Market where we sell lamb
    Contact: (306) 782-5650
    Yorkton, SK
    15 KM
  • D & D Market Garden
    Organic seasonal vegetables, potatoes, cabbage, onions, root vegetables. All foods are organic and naturally grown. Grow specifically what you are asking for, so be sure to place your orders early.
    Contact: Don Kizlyk
    (306) 338-2986
    Wadena, SK
    141 KM
  • David and Joanne Sawkiw
    Wildside Honey
    Contact David or Joanne
    (306) 547-4762
    Preeceville, SK
    112 KM
  • Donna and Wayne Airriess
    Sells tomatoes and cucumbers in April of each year. Garden produce throughout the rest of the summer like beans, potatoes, cabbage, peas and beets
    Contact: 597-4510
    Togo, SK
    82 KM
  • Ekert Organic Beef
    Galloway X organic grain/grass finished beef
    Contact: Glen or Dawn
    (306) 532-4844
    Moosomin, SK
    162 KM
  • Farmgate Food "From our farm to your home" We are a group of organic and transitional organic farmers who sell eggs, chicken, lamb, and pork. Contact for more detail.
    Contact: (306) 537-9684
    McLean, SK
    159 KM
  • Fatikaki Farms
    U-Pick Saskatoon berries, sour cherries, chokecherries, and haskap. Frozen fruits also available.
    Contact: Pat and Jeanette Meerholz
    (306) 547-2818
    Preeceville, SK
    98 KM
  • The Garlic Garden
    We offer large (up to 1/4 lb. per head) uniform bulbs fresh local grown garlic. Each bulb is grown in nutrient rich soil and is meticulously weeded for optimum growth. We pride ourselves on NOT using any chemicals for weed control. Our fresh garlic is easy to peel and because the flavor is so strong, you only need a small amount compared to store bought.
    Contact: Darrel and Anna Schaab
    (306) 786-3377
    Box 1727, Yorkton, SK
    20 KM
  • Golden Prairie Wild Boar Meats
    Wild boars are raised free range and allowed to behave naturally by having young outside in a straw and grass nest. Products: ham roasts, ham steaks, burgers, chops, tender loin, neck bones, hocks & hams, loin steaks, regular & garlic sausage, Apple & Maple sausage, liver, heart, kidney, tongue, ground wild boar meat, shoulder roast & loin roast, side & back ribs, riblets, cutlets, side bacon, back bacon, cubed meat, pepperoni sticks and honey & garlic kebabs. Products also available at: Saskatoon Farmers' Market, Saskatoon Community Farmers' Market, Yorkton Farmers' Market, and Regina's Farmers' Market.
    Contact: Robert, Kathleen & Eleanor Barton
    (306) 272-4987
    Foam Lake, SK
    92 KM
  • Grampa's Garden
    Market garden – fresh veggies (potatoes, tomatoes, beans, peas, beets, corn, cucumbers, carrots, onions, garlic, etc), raspberries and strawberries and starting in spring 2011 hanging baskets and bedding plants.
    Contact: Wayne Lomenda
    (306) 542-3899 or (306) 542-9088
    Kamsack, SK
    91 KM
  • Hamblin's Organic Farm
    Fresh whole wheat flour ground at your request. Four grain cereals, pancake mix, variety flaked grains, crack grains, whole grain flour, split peas (green and yellow), lentils, and bags of whole wheat for own milling purposes.
    Contact: Gordon
    (306) 699-2402
    Qu'Appelle, SK
    142 KM
  • Jason Feeley
    Wildside Honey
    Contact: Jason
    (306) 547-3063
    Preeceville, SK
    105 KM
  • Jeff Odgers
    Certified organic vimmy flax seed. $25.00/bushel. Certified organic beef off the farm by the half, quarter or by the piece. Also sell whole wheat flour and ground flax. Everything is certified organic.
    Contact: Jeff
    (306) 740-8025
    Spy Hill, SK
    99 KM
  • K/C Meats
    Commercial livestock, custom processing, products are sausage and shishliki.
    Health inspected
    Contact: Ken and Connie Barrowman
    (306) 597-2162
    Togo, SK
    70 KM
  • KanGro Gardening
    Produces tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh lettuce, and beautiful hanging plants. All products are green house grown without using pesticides. Cucumbers are available beginning the middle of March. Tomatoes starting the middle of May. All products are available throughout the spring and summer.
    Contact: Bob Purton
    (306) 782-0701
    Yorkton, SK
    19 KM
  • Kerry Farm
    Free range brown eggs year round, free range roasting chickens summer only and honey.
    Contact: Shane Stueck and Sue Bland
    (306) 333-4501
    Abernethy, SK
    100 KM
  • Kirk Botterill & Caity Hauser
    Commercial cattle.
    Contact: Kirk
    (204) 722-2280
    Moosomin, SK
    162 KM
  • Leona Chopty
    Contact: Leona
    (306) 547-4340
    Preeceville, SK
    117 KM
  • Lily & Rose Farm
    Organically raised sheep, organic flax (5 lbs bags), organic wheat for milling (5 lbs bags).
    Contact: (306) 335-2210
  • LorMar Orchard
    Strawberries, Saskatoon berries, raspberries, sour cherries, currants, rhubarb, plums, apples, high bush cranberries, grapes, red and yellow chokecherries. Sweet corn and potatoes along with generic various vegetables.
    Contact: Lorne and Marilynn Lazorko
    (306) 576-2336
    Bankend, SK
    125 KM
  • Magpie Hill
    U-Pick Saskatoon berries
    Contact: Ken and Cheryl
    (306) 647-2027
    Theodore, SK
    41 KM
  • My Buddie's Honey Honey
    Contact: Gerald & Grace Whitehead
    (306) 327-4363
    PO Box 488, Kelvington, SK
    154 KM
  • M Everall
    Vegetable, potatoes
    Contact: (306) 876-4745
    22 6th Ave SW, Ituna, SK
    75 KM
  • Nancy Kresak
    Eggs, bread, vegetables, baked goods. You will find us at Yorkton Farmers Market every Thursday and Saturday.
    Contact: Nancy
    (306) 593-4944
    Invermay, SK
    96 KM
  • Northern Quinoa Corp.
    A specialty grain and food processing company that features Saskatchewan grown Quinoa, as well as grains and legumes.
    Contact: (306) 542-3949
    Kamsack, SK
    85 KM
  • Northern View Angus
    Black Angus Beef. ¼'s, ½'s, whole beef, Customers choice cuts and amounts.
    Contact: Troy and Amy Frick
    (306) 728-3515 (home) (306) 728-8911 (cell)
    Neudorf, SK
    78 KM
    Grass fed finished angus beef, berkshire pigs, chickens, turkeys, strawberries, cranberries, raspberries, cherries, currents, seasonal vegetables.
    Contact: Bryn & Barb Owen
    (306) 563-5477
    Crystal Lake, SK
    75 KM
  • Paula & Greg Goossen
    U-pick strawberries
    Contact: Paula or Greg
    (306) 548- 4691
    Box 122 Stenen, SK
    82 KM
  • Pearl Creek Farms Grass fed lamb.
    A wide range of u-pick berries: saskatoon's, raspberries, pin cherries, sour cherries, high bush cranberries, currants, plums, apples.
    Contact: Susan/Chris Waters
    (306) 728-5572
    Melville, SK
    42 KM
  • Polinsky's Honey Farm
    Honey, cream honey year round, liquid fresh honey in August. Flavored honey's also available (cinnamon, lemon, strawberry etc).
    Contact: Dianne or Brandon
    (306) 647-2518 or (306) 647-2709
    Theodore, SK
    41 KM
  • Prairie Dome
    Seed potatoes, table potatoes, strawberries, saskatoon & raspberries
    Contact: (306) 782-7297
    Yorkton, SK
    15 KM
  • Red Reel
    U or we pick saskatoon berries
    Please call ahead to pre-book your times
    Contact: Carol Kuzminski
    (306) 547-3280
    Preeceville, SK
    110 KM
  • Rocky Acres Orchard
    Saskatoon's year round. Grow own apples. All of the preserves are homemade. Saskatoon berries (u-pick), apples, strawberries and haskap. * saskatoon spread aka jam (seedless), saskatoon jelly, saskatoon syrup, chokecherry jam, chokecherry syrup, saskatoon canned fruit - pint & quart, strawberry/rhubarb jam, fruit leather.
    Contact: Ledeen Lutz
    (306) 675-2122
    Lipton, SK
    131 KM
  • Rusty Rosebud Godhe Organic Farms
    Producers of organic beef sides, split sides, quarters, and pieces all frozen or a live animal delivered to the local abattoir. Certified organic Angus Beef. (due to the fact that SK has no slaughtering facilities that can do federally inspected slaughtering, we can not call the processed beef certified organic, even though the animals are certified organic.)
    Contact: Ivan & Pat Godhe
    (306) 338-2840
    Wadena, SK
    141 KM
  • SunEarthYou
    Locally grown shoots, herbs, container plants edible, and ornamental centre pieces.
    Contact: Henry
    (306) 597-2170
    Yorkton, SK
    5 KM
  • Valley-Top Berry Farm
    Contact: Ken and Kathy Adams
    (306) 743-279
    Langenburg, SK
    71 KM
  • Wildside Honey
    Contact: Keith Stehr
    (306) 547-3441
    Preeceville, SK
    145 KM
  • Jason Feeley
    (306) 547-3063
    Preeceville, SK
    105 KM
  • David and Joanne Sawkiw
    (306) 547-4762
    Preeceville, SK
    112 KM
  • Wroxton Gardens
    Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes.
    Contact: Jennifer or Adam
    (306) 742-4709
    Wroxton, SK
    43 KM

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