We hope that you enjoy our directory and find it helpful in discovering locally-grown and produced food options for you and your family. Please remember this directory is for information only; our suggested practice is one of buyer beware. We have organized the directory in the following three sections:

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Get out there and enjoy food from local producers

There are several ways to access local produce this season within a 160 km radius of Yorkton:

  • Farmers' Markets
    Purchase fresh food and local goods at any of the many farmers' markets around the province. Farmer's markets bring several producers together in one location to sell their goods directly to consumers. Each producer has a separate stall or stand at the market.
  • Pre-Picked Market Stands
    These are usually roadside stands on or near the property of the farmers. Farmers pick the produce for you and replenish the supplies with fresh produce daily. The advantage of going to roadside stands is that you can talk to the growers one-on-one about the way they farm and how to get the most out of their produce. Some stands specialize in a few particular varieties of produce, while others have a broader range, depending on the growing conditions of each farm or market garden.
  • Farm Direct
    Farmers may have produce, meat and other farm products available for direct purchase on-farm. Calling ahead might be a good idea to ensure there will be someone available when you plan to arrive.
  • U-Pick
    You can harvest local produce yourself by going to U-pick gardens. The growers will be on hand to answer any of your questions and picking your own produce is a way to spend the day with family or friends. Take time on the way home to visit a local community and have lunch.

Make the most of your visits to a local producer

The following are suggestions to help make your experience a positive one:

  • Plan ahead
    Make sure you know the hours of operation and ask about the produce selection before you get there.
  • Ask producers for information
    Talk to the producer about their product and find out what you can about the produce. Some growers offer interesting and unusual types of produce.
  • Bring along this directory with you
    This directory will provide you with details on driving distance, grower's contact information and description of the produce they sell and grow.
  • Go on an adventure
    Visit parts of Saskatchewan you have never been to or rediscovering a community you haven't visited in some time. Check the local tourist office for ideas on what to see along the way.
  • Consider organic produce
    Saskatchewan people are demanding organic produce. Be sure that the organic grower has an official federal certification. Check the growers' website or call ahead to ask.

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