Everyone has the right to sufficient, healthy and culturally appropriate food. Individuals, governments and community leaders have a responsibility to work together to support local food policy initiatives.

There is a need for improved public knowledge and understanding about food and nature in a sustainable food system. An inspired, caring and responsive community can benefit from increased food security.

What is Food Security?

"Food security is a state of affairs where all people at all times have access to safe and nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life." World Food Summit, 1996

Community Food Security is about making healthy food accessible to all. It focuses on bringing fresh, local food into communities, thereby reducing hunger, and improving individual health.

Food security is also about:

  • Making nutritious and culturally appropriate food accessible, not just any food
  • Supporting local, regional, family-scale, and sustainable food production
  • Building and revitalizing local communities and economies
  • Bringing people closer in touch with the source of their food
  • Breaking down community isolation by creating a social community
  • Ensuring that individuals have access to a Heritage Seed Bank
  • Building community knowledge about Food Security

Why Produce & Consume Locally Grown Food?

  • Economic Benefits
    Small scale producers and consumers mutually benefit while re-investing back into the community.
  • Environmental Benefits
    Decreased distances food is transported reduces green house gas emissions and other pollutants. Land is put to good use and maintained to a high standard.
  • Social Benefits
    Stronger connections between producers and consumers increase our understanding about the food we eat, how it is grown and who produces it.
  • Health Benefits
    Locally grown food products have excellent flavour and nutritional value – important for maintaining a healthy, balanced diet.

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